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So are socks just socks? Not for me, not anymore. Drymax socks truly stand up to their name – they keep your feet dry. Dry from sweat and dry from rain. If you want to keep your feet dry, check out Drymax socks.
Liberty Sports Dec ’11 – Jan ‘12

To reduce the skin-on-fabric friction that causes most blisters, Drymax combined its anti-sweat fibers with polytetrafluoroethylene, the coating on nonstick pans. Even in a downpour, the socks can help prevent painful rubbing.

To keep out dirt, these padded socks have a dense weave. Good for all temperatures, …keeps feet dry and stink free.
TrailRunner Magazine – Gear Guide – June 2011

The Cold Weather Running socks from Drymax keep your feet dry and warm with a dual layer moisture removal system.
Oxygen Magazine - November 2010

Finally, a thick sock that keeps yoru feet cool. Made with friction-free material, the Hot Weather Running Mini Crew sock guards against hot spots and blisters. Top mesh panels and bottom air vents work together to keep feet cooler, drier and more comfortable.
Women’s Running - May/June 2010

Drymax Cold Weather Running Socks – This double-layered pair keeps feet warm and dry throughout the worst winter slog.
Chatelaine Magazine – February 2010

They (Drymax socks) are an excellent choice for the active hunter.
Get in the Game - Spring/Summer 2009

…invest in proper walking socks, such as Drymax to prevent blisters.
Better Homes and Gardens – April 2009

Drymax Hiking HD Crew Socks put sweaty and smelly feet fears to rest for good.
pilatesstyle Magazine - January/February

Tips from a Badwater Champ – Use Drymax Socks. Normally we would shy away from naming names, but Donaldson seems to love Drymax socks. "No blisters!" She enthused.
Runner’s World - July 17, 2008

TriAthlete Magazine January 08

Dermatology Times November 07