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Preventing Blisters May Improve Your Performance

The Max Pro Trail socks are race proven to help prevent blisters during marathons and ultra-long distance runs. Additionally, they are great for trail runners who are prone to getting blisters. Many trail runners have switched from wicking fiber socks to wearing Max Pro Trail socks. Now that they are able to run blister-free, runners are lowering their times and increasing their mileage.

Trail dirt inside a sock is a bad thing; it can easily cause blisters or rub the skin raw. To help prevent dirt from getting inside Max Pro Trail socks, we did not include vents.

The Max Pro Trail sock is a High Density protective padded sock. It was designed for use in cool to hot conditions, keeping feet dry and comfortable.

Drymax Socks will keep feet drier & more comfortable than any other sock. If you do not agree, you can return socks to Drymax Technologies Inc. with the sales receipt for a full refund.